Popular Real Estate Trends for 2016, 2017 and beyond

Charleston SC Real EStateOne thing is certain this year, many trends in the real estate industry are certainly favoring the homeowner. Although there is record inventory on the market, and median home prices are still on the rise, understanding how the real estate trends for 2016 and going forward to 2017 can benefit the homeowner and can really put a nice chunk of change in your pocket. One particular real estate trend this year is the home rebate. How does it work and how does it benefit the homeowner?  The professionals at Premier One – Charleston,  have given us a brief run-down on some of the latest trends and don’t forget to see them for Charleston SC Real Estate.

What is the Real Estate Rebate?
The real estate rebate is a commission paid to the homeowner at the closing in the form of cash, gift certificate, or free services. When a home sells for approximately $300,000, the real estate agency will pocket over $9,000 in commissions. In a very competitive industry, the real estate agents are willing to turn around and give back a portion of their commission to the homeowner in exchange for using them to sell their house. The real estate rebate is negotiable, and many agents offer a third of their commission or to pay for services like home inspection, closing, or repairs.

How Does the Rebate Benefit the Homeowner?
The benefits of getting a real estate rebate are numerous. One of the biggest is getting that cash at closing, which can be quite high as prices continue to rise in the real estate market. For homeowners who are under water, or must sell quickly without making a profit on their homes, the real estate rebate is a huge bonus at the completion of the sale that turns a no profit sale into a profitable one. Homeowners who bought at the height of a market and now must sell close to their buying cost, gladly welcome walking away from the sale with cash in their pocket.

How to Get the Real Estate Rebate?
When you are shopping around for a real estate agent, simply inquire about the real estate rebate before signing any papers. The agent will discuss with you what percentage they can offer as cash back, whether they prefer to pay for services during the sale of your house, or if they offer gift certificates instead. The amount of the rebate is completely negotiable and up to the individual agent, and asking about the rebate is the best way to narrow down the search for the real estate agent you want to hire to sell your home.

With closing funds often tied up for days after the house is sold, the real estate rebate puts cash in hand you can utilize until the entire closing procedure has run its course.

BayDelta Checklist for Successfully Buying Your First Boat

Boat SaleDon’t let the thrill and excitement of getting in your very own boat cloud your judgement when it comes to getting the perfect craft for you. Too many people each year blindly purchase their first boat, then count the minutes until they can unload it to the first person who is interested. Don’t become another statistic, so, before you rush out to that next boat sale, here is a checklist for helping you with your boat buying decision.

1. Always attend some boat shows before making your buying decision. This is your chance to speak with people in that industry who can answer all your questions and concerns, helping you to better choose the right boat for your needs.

2. Spend as much time out on the water that you can before you buy a boat. This is a very unique lifestyle that appeals to many until they submerge themselves in it. Get out on a boat each week and see how you really feel about everything related to this lifestyle.

3. Grab a pencil and paper and start jotting down all the expenses related to owning a boat. besides the ticket price of your boat, consider the insurance, maintenance, repairs, accessories, safety equipment, safety training, storage, new trailer, repairs, fuel, permits, and more.

4. Decide now if you will be buying a trailer and hauling the boat in and out of the water each time you want to go play, or if you will be paying to keep your boat at the local marina. Be sure the marina has space and look at all the cost involved with storing it on their property.

5. Learn how to be a good negotiator by shopping around and seeing what your particular boat is selling for before you give anyone their asking price. The selling prince is often miles away from asking price, so save some money upfront by becoming a better negotiator.

6. This is never to be considered an impulse buy because you will lose a small fortune by the time you realize you want out! If you can not stop yourself, then at least buy the smallest boat possible. It will be easier to sell if you have buyers remorse tomorrow.

7. Consider buying a used boat. Many times the seller has invested several thousand in accessories like a trailer, fishing gear, and engine upgrades. Every piece you can get included in the price just saves you money down the road having to take it out of your own pocket.

Make sure you use this checklist for successfully buying your first boat, it will save you money and headaches in the end.

Working Hand in Hand with Professional Retail and Marketing Consultants

marketing rebates on real estateThe internet and social media has really transformed the way that many businesses market their customers. The days of print ads and radio or television spots are dead. Today people are glued to their mobile devices, and more importantly their social media profiles. Trying to reach a new consumer though social media can be a challenge because these buyers are being flooded each day with information overload.

Here are a few ways that retail and marketing consultants can connect you with your target audience via social media from our friends that know something about marketing feel free to visit rebatesonrealeestate.com at their website for more information about real estate rebates:

1. Less is more when it comes to social media today because every business owner is trying to promote their products and services to the same audience. When you work with marketing consultants, they have the ability to showcase your products in a way that drives targeted traffic right to your door. This is a very specific skill that comes with years if not decades of selling and marketing experience.

2. The key to connecting with a potential buyer is identifying and meeting their need. It doesn’t matter how great the product or service that you sell is, if the buyer does not need it today, they are not going to be interested. The marketing experts live in this retail world and they understand how to identify the needs of the consumer, then match them with the services or products they need. Once they make the connection, the sales come rolling in.

3. It doesn’t matter how hard you work at marketing your customers, if you can not gauge the results, you could be hitting a stone wall again and again for years. The marketing team understands the value in numbers, and will utilize their experience to identify what works, what doesn’t, and make changes so that the majority of consumers knock on your door as opposed to your competition.

4. The key to a successful marketing campaign is getting your message out to the biggest targeted audience. By developing correspondence that peaks the interest of the consumer, they come to your website seeking more information. Once the consumer is funneled to your website, it is important they take some type of action that allows them to leave their name, address, or telephone number so you can reach out to them in the future. In the end, that mailing list is worth more that gold.

Let the marketing experts take hold of your business and show you how to drive targeted traffic to your door steadily and easily.